School of Specialization in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy

Quadrennial School Recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)

The School of Specialization in Psychotherapy

Since its foundation in 1988, the Specialization School in Strategic Brief Psychotherapy has been marked ...

theoretical model school box site
The theoretical model and its applications

The epistemology of reference is the constructivist-interactionist one as expressed in the collection of essays created by ...

Educational program

The training course includes, in line with the provisions of the Ministry of Education, University and Research ...

How to register

For admission to the School of Specialization in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy, a Degree in Psychology or Medicine is required ...

Educational Paths

Master of training, specialized and residential training to learn the evolved model of Brief Strategic Therapy in different languages ​​and in different countries

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Master in Strategic Clinical Psychology

Location: Rome, Bologna, Milan ...

Duration: One year

Two-year School of Brief Strategic Psychology

Location: Arezzo

Duration: 2 years

in the world

Location: Europe / America

Duration: 1 2-years

Intensive and residential training

Location: Arezzo

Duration: Variable

boxhome supervision
Clinical Supervision

Location: from Turin to Cagliari

Duration: 1 Year

"Although a pathology may have been painful, complicated and persistent for years, it does not mean that the therapeutic solution must be equally painful and prolonged over time." P. Watzlawick

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