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Therapy for panic attacks. Further review of the model

The treatment protocol for panic attacks is presented. It is based on the analysis of the results of a sample of more than 15,000 cases of panic disorder treated by Giorgio Nardone and his colleagues. It has proven to be the most efficient and effective therapy for this type of

Advanced therapy of obsessive-compulsive disorders

The evolved brief strategic therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorders is presented. This is based on a twenty-year longitudinal study, on a sample of over 1000 cases of obsessive-compulsive disorders in their variations, with validated therapeutic outcomes that make it the best practice in the clinical field.

Non-ordinary logic and Psychotherapy

By virtue of the work done by Giorgio Nardone in the context of problem-solving logic, which underpins therapeutic strategies and stratagems,  the model of strategic/not ordinary logic is illustrated and formulated as a logical/applicative advanced model.

Action-research results on sexual dysfunctions

The treatment techniques for both male and female sexual problems  are illustrated in the text “the mind against nature”. This proves the extremely high applicability of the model even in this area of psychological and relational distress.

Action-research results on family models and indirect therapy

Following a prolonged study, not only in clinical settings but also in institutional, educational and family contexts, the modern models of family dynamics are identified. In particular, for the first time it is highlighted as Western families are mainly based on relational dynamics of overprotection and permissiveness. On this basis,

International manuals of the Arezzo model

In 2005, two texts are simultaneously published in American English, Knowing through changing. The evolution of brief strategic therapy and Brief strategic therapy. Philosophy, techniques, and research. These are International manuals of the Arezzo model and are used as textbooks in the most important Universities worldwide.

Paul Watzlawick (Villach, July 25, 1921 – Palo Alto, March 31, 2007)

On 31st March, Paul Watzlawick dies in his home in Palo Alto, in peace and without suffering, after a pleasant evening spent with his wife Vera while listening to Italian music. According to his wishes, his body was donated to science for research purposes.

Official recognition of the Training School in Psychotherapy

The training school of the brief strategic psychotherapy model of Arezzo, opened since 1988, is recognised by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) as Four-year Postgraduate School of Brief Strategic Therapy (d.m. 20.11.2000)

Action-research results on eating disorders

Giorgio Nardone, Tiziana Verbitz and Roberta Milanese write Prison of food, a text that discusses the results of an empirical-experimental applied research carried out on a sample of 196 patients with eating disorders. Treatment protocols are formulated for anorexia, vomiting and bulimia.

Brief strategic therapy

Brief strategic Therapy, edited by Paul Watzlawick and Giorgio Nardone, is published. The book presents the most advanced techniques, at the time, for different forms of disorders with the contribution of the most relevant international figures.

Action-research results on phobic-obsessive disorders

An action-research is published on phobic and obsessive disorders: Fears, panics and phobias, a study on 152 subjects with panic attacks, agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorders and hypochondriacs delusions. The positive results are about 86% of the total (79% of resolved cases and 7% of much improved cases) with an average of

Mental Research Institute

Giorgio Nardone starts the first research project to develop a brief treatment of phobic and obsessive disorders under the supervision of Paul Watzlawick and John Weakland. In this way, he begins to develop innovative intervention techniques in an area of pathology that was barely explored by the traditional MRI model.

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