Postgraduate School of Brief Strategic Therapy – Open Day

Open day Scuola

Arezzo - 05/09/2020

The Strategic Therapy Centre opens its doors to all the graduates in Psychology and Medicine who want to know more about the four-year Postgraduate School of Brief Strategic Therapy (Brief Strategic Therapy, Giorgio Nardone’s Model)

Next Open Day:
– 5 Settembre 2020 (on line)
– 26 Settembre 2020
– 24 Ottobre 2020
– 14 Novembre 2020

Iscrizione: per iscriversi all’open day basta inviare un email al seguente indirizzo:
Sede: Centro di Terapia Strategica, P.zza S. Agostino 11 – 52100 – Arezzo (AR)
Ore: 11.00

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