Master in Brief Strategic Therapy

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The master in brief strategic Therapy started more than 25 years ago, and it was constantly developed on the basis of new therapeutic formulations resulting from incessant clinical and research activity conducted in the Centro di Terapia Strategica of Arezzo and in its worldwide branches. The master aims to train professionals who want to acquire specialised skills related to the clinical intervention model based on the brief strategic approach (Brief Strategic Therapy, Giorgio Nardone’s Model).
The program is structured on the learning by doing methodology and it aims to create a proper full immersion experience in the study of the process and procedures of brief strategic therapy in four stages of intervention. It favours a direct learning experience of the specific treatment protocols concerning the various forms of psychopathology and of the clinical intervention strategies and techniques that characterise the model. Teaching focuses on the presentation and explanation of clinical cases that were treated from the first to the last session by Giorgio Nardone, on theoretical-applicative lessons and on exercises concerning training techniques on the use of strategic communication with patients.


Teaching is structured in modules divided by area of intervention and it allows the analytical study of each specific treatment protocol and the development of specific skills. The therapeutic strategies and stratagems built specifically for the main psychopathologies are described in detail: anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic attacks, borderline and alleged psychosis, relationship problems and sexual dysfunctions, childhood and adolescent difficulties. In all these clinical environments, the model has proved more effective than the best forms of psychotherapy adopted worldwide. It was validated by the results obtained in terms of efficiency and efficacy during the thirty years of its application to hundreds of thousands of people in all five continents by hundreds of therapists trained on the approach formulated by Giorgio Nardone. The people trained on this model are able to respond with speed and effectiveness to the needs of patients coming to ask for their help.
Moreover, thanks to the internal developments of the last 15 years and the development of the strategic dialogue (a refined strategy to conduct the first clinical interview which becomes, in this way, part of the therapy), it is possible to obtain “seemingly miraculous” results, since the first sessions, against symptoms that have been persisting for years and that have not responded to pharmacological treatment or to years of traditional therapy. Today, being able to rapidly treat a psychopathology is no longer just an option for psychotherapy but an unavoidable demand from patients who are entitled to be freed as soon as possible, and in the best way, from their sufferings.

In its entirety, the master has a duration of 2 years and it is divided into 40 training days, spread over a weekend a month, and structured in teaching modules for a total of 280 hours of training. However, each module dedicated to an area of pathology is a complete teaching unit. This structure allows also expert therapists to keep themselves up to date and to study a specific part of the training program or to select some modules and skip others that do not match their personal interests. Therefore, participants can structure their own training program and its duration, and choose whether to attend a single module, or more than one, during the first year, or the full two-year master.

This is the list of the themes treated in each module:

  • the protocol allowing a specific treatment of the disorder
  • structure and procedures of strategic problem solving
  • the 4 phases of intervention
  • operational diagnosis
  • the attempted solutions and their persistence mode
  • techniques, strategies and stratagems of intervention
  • techniques related to therapeutic relationship and language
  • different types of resistance to change

The Master is opened to psychologists, psychotherapists, medical doctors and psychiatrists up to a maximum of 20 participants. Registrations will be accepted subject to availability and will be considered confirmed only upon receipt of payment.
The requests to participate in the Master’s course will be accepted until 10 days before the beginning of the course. To apply, please send an email to  with your CV and a cover letter.

The teachers of the master are part of an international and interdisciplinary team composed of psychotherapists, Italian academics and visiting professor, trained at the Centro di Terapia Strategica.

Turin, Milan, Padua, Trento, Genova, Bologna, Florence, Pesaro, Rome, Cagliari, Bari, Catania.


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