Enrolment procedures


In order to be admitted to the Postgraduate School of Brief Strategic Therapy, a degree in Psychology or Medicine and the subscription inclusion on their respective professional registers.  Also, graduates that are not yet registered, but that will pass the professional practice exam in the first session after the beginning of the course can be enrolled. Admission is subordinated to a judgement of suitability formulated on the basis of a written test and an interview designed to assess the candidate’s motivations, psychological maturity and personal attitude to learn the strategic approach to therapy.

To enrol it is necessary to pass the entrance examination that takes place at the end of November (first session) or in January, before the beginning of each academic year at the Centro di Terapia Strategica of Arezzo (piazza S. Agostino, 11 Arezzo).
Applications for admission to the exam, available on the website, must be sent by registered mail within one week before the exam date, together with the following documents:

  1. Degree certificate including the list of the exams taken (final-year students can send it at a later time)
  2. Certificate of registration to the national register of psychologists or medical doctors (or a declaration of being able to take the professional practice exam within the first session and being aware that, in this case, the admission is conditional).
  3. A CV and documented educational, scientific and job qualifications
  4. Two passport photos and an identification document.

The available places will be allocated according to the results of the examination and a payment of 600.00 Euros is required within 7 days from the admission test as enrolment confirmation. The registration is completed by filling out a registration form that can be downloaded from the website in the section “Enrolment procedures”.

€ 4,200 per year payable in a single annual payment, within the first semester, or in six bimonthly instalments.


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NEXT OPEN DAYS (to register for an open day, please send an email to the following address: info@centroditerapiastrategica.com)

  • 12 December 2021 (online)


December 14, 2021 (online)

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