Brief strategic therapy


Paul Watzlawick and Giorgio Nardone




Raffaello Cortina Publisher


In this volume, through the contributions of the most important international figures, a complete review of the theoretical and applicative aspects of brief strategic therapy is presented for the first time. Some essays represent real "classics" of brief therapy and its philosophy, others are innovative contributions that expose the results of the most recent empirical-experimental research in the clinical field.

The result is a rigorous but easy to read text, unavoidable for the modern training of psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

The strategic approach has evolved in the field of psychotherapy, demonstrating how human suffering and problems, despite being extremely complicated and perhaps persisting for many years, do not necessarily require as long hospital stays and complicated solutions. well-constructed and well-applied strategic interventions demonstrate how it is possible to solve most psychological problems effectively and in a short time.
This art of solving complicated pathologies through apparently simple solutions is the synthesis between ancient knowledge, such as the Hellenic rhetoric of persuasion and the Chinese art of stratagem, and modern knowledge, such as construct-view epistemology, studies on hypnosis and suggestion, strategic problem solving.


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