Scholas - Strategic Therapy Center,
an alliance for the good of young people around the world

Not just talking about love,

but talk to each other with love

and join forces to make the world human.

Papa Francesco


Scholas and Centro di Terapia Strategica join forces with a very specific goal: to help young people from all over the world to face life, overcome problems and grow.

A team of psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches, trained in the strategic model, will offer their professionalism free of charge to all young people who need it.

Every week Scholas organizes “Cyber ​​World Youth Meetings” with the participation of over 120 young people from 60 cities around the world.

On one of these occasions the boys were able to talk to the famous psychologist and psychotherapist Giorgio Nardone about how to deal with the complex period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Strategic Therapy Center, led by Giorgio Nardone, is made up of a network of over 250 professionals from around the world selected for their skills and trained in the short-term strategic therapy model.

This methodology, which makes effectiveness and efficiency its two fundamental pillars, is now also available to the participants in this important project.

The collaboration between the two organizations, of international scope, is a first small step in try to create a better world starting from the greatest good, the young. We start right here: from dialogue and direct help with them.

What is Scholas Occurrentes
Scholas Occurrentes is an international organization of pontifical right, present in 190 countries on five continents and which, through its network, integrates half a million educational networks. Its mission is to respond to the call to create a culture of encounter by bringing young people together in an education that generates meaning.