The book of Phobias and their Cure – Conferences

Fear, a primary emotion, directly connected to survival, is a natural endowment that we must perceive as a friend. Without fear there is only unconsciousness, and those who know how to train it can only benefit from it. But what happens when fear, from a healthy reaction, becomes pathological, in an escalation that sees it transform into anxiety, panic, phobia, transforming the person's life into a real hell?

Giorgio Nardone will hold three conferences, free and open to all, on his latest book, published by Ponte alle Grazie:

And their care


Milan / 30 November / 21 pm / live and online / reservation required
House of Psychology, Piazza Castello, 2
Info and registration:

Florence / 4 December / 20pm / live only / free entry
Grand Hotel Baglioni, Piazza dell'Unità Italiana, 6

Bologna / 20 December / 20pm / live only / free entry
Zanhotel Europa, via Cesare Boldrini, 11