The book of Phobias and their Cure – Conferences

Fear, a primary emotion, directly connected to survival, is a natural endowment that we must perceive as a friend. Without fear there is only unconsciousness, and those who know how to train it can only benefit from it. But what happens when fear, from a healthy reaction, becomes pathological, in an escalation that sees it transform into anxiety, panic, phobia, transforming the person's life into a real hell?

On Monday 26 February at 21 pm, Giorgio Nardone will hold, under the patronage of the Municipality of Siena, a free conference open to all on his latest book, published by Ponte alle Grazie

And their care


The event will only be held live in Siena, at Palazzo Patrizi, in via di Città, 81

Entrance is free and reservation is not necessary

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