Post-graduate internship for Psychologists

Postgraduate internship

The post-graduate professional internship for graduates in Psychology is a precious opportunity to study and deepen the theoretical-applicative model of the Palo Alto School and the evolutions formalized at the Strategic Therapy Center in addition 30 years of research-intervention. It is also a precious opportunity to begin to develop awareness on the one hand Teorica, epistemological and methodological on the application of tools and methods of intervention that characterize the profession of the Psychologist, on the other hand, to begin observing in the field psychological, psycho-social and research interventions necessary for the development of specific skills and insertion in different contexts professional.

Making this year productive and formative, from a theoretical-practical point of view, is the main objective of the Strategic Therapy Center in Arezzo. The internship, based on the methodology of learning by doing, offers specific training both in clinical and experimental psychology and in social and organizational psychology.

The course offers young graduates the opportunity to experience first-hand the activities that characterize the figure of the psychologist:

  • Assessment in the psychological field;
  • Prevention interventions in favor of the health of the individual, the couple and the family;
  • The use of cognitive and intervention tools for prevention, diagnosis, habilitation, rehabilitation and psychological support activities aimed at the person, group, social organisms and communities;
  • Experimentation, research and teaching activities;

Preparation for the state exam for psychologists:

the institute also provides specific training on the subjects covered by the state exam which will go hand in hand with the professionalizing practice. Our tutors will guide each trainee in the preparation of the individual tests in an in-depth manner through the study of targeted topics for the development of those skills necessary to face the tests during the state exam.


During the internship period, after an essential initial introduction to the interaction-strategic model through the study of the reference texts, the intern will have the opportunity to actively participate, monitored by their tutor, in each activity based on the specific area internship.

Clinical, experimental and research psychology field:
the activities will concern the direct observation of psychological interviews in the clinical setting and the study of clinical cases in videotape accompanied by the precious participation in moments of discussion of the cases observed together with the tutor and the Director of the Giorgio Nardone Center. A lot of space will be dedicated to the study of interview techniques, operational diagnosis and intervention methods for
for prevention, diagnosis and psychological support and support aimed at the person, group, social organisms and communities.

Field of Social, Organizational and Work Psychology:
the activities will concern the observation of training and consultancy interventions carried out in the social and organizational sphere through videotapes, moments of discussion / verification and comparison with the tutor on the interventions analyzed, participation in working group meetings and direct observation of interventions specific. At the same time, the trainee will be able to learn and deepen operational methods and tools for intervention through the study of interdependent and integrated areas of communication, problem solving and strategic coaching within organizations.
In the field of prevention, the trainee can actively participate in the planning of targeted interventions in the school, socio-educational and health promotion fields.

Didactic material provided by the institute:

  • videos of conferences, workshops and seminars on the main psychopathologies;
  • over 20.000 psychological counseling videos conducted from the first to the last session;
  • books, manuals and handouts;
  • Psychological assessment tests and tools.


Graduates in Psychology from the old and new systems and those who have already obtained a Master's Degree are admitted to the Psychology internship. To be admitted you must send an email to accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a cover letter. Subsequently, upon suitability of the applicant, a cognitive and motivational interview will be carried out at our office.


  • University of L'Aquila
  • G. D'Annunzio University
  • University of E-Campus
  • University of Florence
  • University of Milan-Bicocca
  • Catholic University of Sacred Heart
  • University of Rome LUMSA
  • University of Guglielmo Marconi
  • Unicusan
  • University of Rome La Sapienza
  • European University of Rome
  • University of Padua
  • University of Palermo
  • University of Urbino
  • University of Trieste

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