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The School of Specialization in Psychotherapy

The School of Specialization in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy, recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research with DM 20/11/2000, since its foundation in 1988, it has been based on the methodology of learning by doing, that is, learning by doing.

The path, with a decidedly character application-training, privileges the direct experience of treating clinical cases and the learning for training of strategies for change and therapeutic communication. All this in the concrete context of psychotherapy with real patients, rather than in artificial contexts of narration or just simulation of the therapy.

This does not mean giving little importance to the theory behind brief strategic psychotherapy, which arises from rigorous formulations and among the most complex among those that can be found among the schools of thought in the world of psychotherapy, in fact, it starts from a advanced epistemology and the applications of non-ordinary logic, which allow the formulation of rigorous models but which at the same time safeguard the inventiveness and flexibility of the intervention.

The diploma issued at the end of the Four-year Specialization School in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy enables the exercise of psychotherapeutic activity pursuant to art. 3 of law n ° 56 of 18.02.1989 and is equivalent to that of university specialization schools for the purpose of placing in the organic posts of psychologist for the discipline of Psychology and of Doctor or Psychologist for the discipline of Psychotherapy, with access through competition public, according to Legislative Decree 4732 approved on November 3, 2000.


The teaching is carried out, on the one hand, through lessons concerning the theoretical foundations of the model, the treatment protocols, the techniques and the evolution of the intervention model; on the other hand, teaching is based on the presentation and explanation of videos by clinical cases treaties that are explained in their structure highlighting strategies and tricks applied, therapeutic communication and the specific modality of relationship with the patient.
The goal is to facilitate a double type of learning: theoretical and cognitive learning and experiential / training learning. A strategic psychotherapist is not one who is aware and knowledgeable of the model theory but one who knows how to operate adequately on the basis of the learned model.


After the first two years in which the students are trained with this teaching criterion in the second two years the fundamental work is  based on the clinical experience with patients that the school presents to its students (the only school that guarantees clinical experience on real patients who refer directly to the institute, by virtue of the clear reputation of its Director).

Each student has the opportunity to treat patients directly in co-therapy with the "teacher" Giorgio Nardone to gradually learn, under constant supervision, techniques, strategies and therapeutic tricks and refine communication and interpersonal skills and competences. In addition to direct work on himself and with patients, each student, during the training sessions, participates in the work of his colleagues flanked by teachers and school supervisors who at each stage, through an active comparison, illustrate and explain the intervention model and the maneuvers used during the therapies.

This means that each student, over two years, actively participates in more than 500 therapies (the only School in the world of Psychotherapy that guarantees this). In addition to the privileged learning on clinical practice of the second two-year period, the specialization school is characterized by a whole series of training days (plenary, frontal lessons, working groups) focused on the acquisition of therapeutic and communication techniques modeled on the basis of personal and individual characteristics of each individual student, in the sense that a technique cannot be replicated like a photocopy but must be modeled on the personal characteristics of each individual student.

The model shapes the pupil as much as the pupil shapes the model on himself. At the end of the course, each individual student completed at least 5 clinical cases under direct supervision and co-therapy with the head school, received supervision on cases that he began to deal with in his personal profession and made the model a retouched dress tailored to your personal characteristics.


Numerous times an expert strategic therapist has been compared to a martial arts master but often the associations are improper, there is one instead that appears really sensible and concerns training: the School of specialization in brief strategic psychotherapy of Arezzo. was born in analogy with the training of a warrior monk that was carried out in the ancient temple of Shaolin, the cradle of all martial arts.

When the young pupil entered the school, for five years, he was trained hard in all the techniques of bare hand fighting with the aim of realizing the fact that the fist and the kick became the extension of the mind, then, he was trained for another. prolonged period of years in the use of weapons to make the dagger, the sword, the bow become the extension of the arm and the extension of the mind. Then they had to devote themselves for another extended period of time to the study of philosophy, science, art, rhetoric and music, because after ten years of such work the weapon was the extension of the arm, the arm the extension of the mind and the mind is the extension of the heart.

A brief strategic therapist trained in Arezzo school he is not only coldly trained in technique, as some detractors affirm, but is trained to use all his personal resources together with advanced strategies and stratagems to successfully treat even the most disabling forms of psychopathology.

An expert therapist must be both a scientist and an artist, a rigorous performer and a creative performer. Therapy is never the mere repetition of a protocol, it can never be the rigid repetition of cold procedures within a predetermined sequence, but rather, a continuous artistic interpretation of a dramatic script where improvisation is not an exception but the rule . But to be able to improvise well, as all great artists teach us, first you need to know how to do the best technique. Without very refined technical learning, improvisation is just irresponsible unconsciousness.


Prof. Giorgio Nardone (Director of the Strategic Therapy Center)
Prof. Alessandro Salvini (Full Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Padua)
Prof. Pio Enrico Ricci Bitti (Full Professor of General Psychology at the University of Bologna)


Arezzo - P.zza S. Agostino, n.11 - 52100 (AR)
Florence - Piazza della Repubblica, 5 - 50123 (FI)

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