Training courses

Master of training, specialist and residential training to learn the evolved model of Short Strategic Therapy in different languages and in different countries

  • Two-year School of Brief Strategic Therapy
    The two-year training school of brief strategic therapy is a specialised training based primarily on the direct observation of clinical cases and on the supervision and training on the techniques and ...
    Sedi Percorso: Arezzo
    Durata Percorso: 2 years
  • Master in Brief Strategic Therapy
    MASTER IN BRIEF STRATEGIC THERAPY The master in brief strategic Therapy started more than 25 years ago, and it was constantly developed on the basis of new thera ...
    Sedi Percorso: from Turin to Catania
    Durata Percorso: 1-2 years
  • Masters around the world
    The masters organised around the world represent the international extension of the specialised training aimed at psychologists and doctors to learn the advanced model of brief strategic therapy (Brie ...
    Sedi Percorso: Europe / America
    Durata Percorso: 1-2 years
  • Intensive and residential trainings
    Residential and intensive trainings are two different type of trainings organised by the Centro di Terapia Strategica for all those who want to learn the advanced model of brief strategic therapy with ...
    Sedi Percorso: Arezzo
    Durata Percorso: Variabile
  • Clinical Supervisions
    The days dedicated to psychotherapy supervision and updating are born with the objective of ensuring, also to the alumni of the Institute, a constant support in the management of technical aspects, co ...
    Sedi Percorso: From Turin to Cagliari
    Durata Percorso: 1 Year

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