Clinical Supervision

The days of supervision of psychotherapy and refresher courses are born with the aim of guaranteeing also the former students of the Institute a constant support in the management of those aspects relating to the technique, to the therapeutic communication and relationship and to the process of change that distinguish the therapeutic practice . This will be achieved through the possibility of having a monthly supervision [...]

Master in Strategic Clinical Psychology

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MASTER IN STRATEGIC CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY 50 ECM credits The master's degree in Strategic Clinical Psychology, activated over 25 years ago and constantly evolved on the basis of new therapeutic formulations deriving from the incessant clinical and research activity conducted at the Strategic Therapy Center of Arezzo and its locations in the world, has the objective of [...]

Two-year School in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy

The two-year training school in brief strategic psychotherapy is a specialized training essentially based on the direct observation of clinical case sessions and on the supervision and training of clinical intervention techniques and strategies by Giorgio Nardone. It offers participants the opportunity to learn the evolved model of brief strategic psychotherapy, the result of [...]

Intensive and residential training

Residential and intensive trainings are two training courses that the Strategic Therapy Center makes available for all those who want to deepen the advanced model of brief strategic psychotherapy without necessarily attending a master's or a four-year specialization school. Each path is built ad hoc on the goals and needs of the person in [...]

Masters in the world

The masters in the world represent the international extension of specialized training aimed at Psychologists and Doctors to learn the evolved strategic brief therapy model (Brief Strategic Therapy, Giorgio Nardone Model). For over 20 years it has been possible, through our educational and organizational offices around the world, to undertake specialist courses and masters [...]

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