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The days of supervision of psychotherapy and refresher courses are born with the aim of guaranteeing also to the former students of the Institute a constant support in the management of those aspects relating to the technique, to the therapeutic communication and relationship and to the process of change that distinguish the therapeutic practice . This will be achieved through the possibility of having a monthly supervision in the region of belonging by one of the teachers / senior supervisors of the directly selected Strategic Therapy Center Giorgio Nardone.

The meetings, organized in group sessions, guarantee not only a guide on the interventions but also the exchange of experience in being supervised, a modality that we have experienced to be an emerging quality.

Participation in this initiative also includes one day a year of theoretical-applicative updating with the Director of the center Giorgio Nardone regarding the evolution of strategic treatments. As will become clear, the intent is to ensure that the strategic brief psychotherapy network can be something coherent and congruent with the model both in its application and in its results.

Piedmont (Dr. E. Boggiani) - Liguria (Dr. A. Vallarino) - Lombardy (Dr. R. Milanese, Dr. E. Boggiani) - Trentino - Alto Adige (Dr. Marisa Ciola) - Veneto ( Dr. G. Rinaldi, Dr. M. Dolci) - Emilia Romagna (Dr. P. Mordazzi, Dr. F. Cagnoni) - Tuscany (Dr. E. Muriana, Dr. M. Bartroletti) - Marche (Dr. E. Balbi) - Lazio (Dr. A. Bartoletti) - Abruzzo (Dr. C. Portelli) - Molise (Dr. E. Balbi) - Puglia (Dr. C. Portelli).

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