Intensive and residential training

Residential and intensive trainings are two training courses that the Strategic Therapy Center makes available for all those who want to deepen the advanced model of brief strategic psychotherapy without necessarily attending a master's or a four-year specialization school. Each path is built ad hoc on the objectives and needs of the person in such a way as to make the entire process built on the basis of their training needs. Based on this, we plan specific paths to learn the process of the intervention model of the brief strategic therapy through the study of specific treatment protocols divided by psychopathology, techniques and therapeutic strategies and stratagems.

The intensive training has a shorter duration than the residential one, it can vary from two days up to a month. Each participant will be constantly supported by the senior trainer of the Strategic Therapy Center who will take care of the insertion and training experience within the institute through a specialized path aimed at transmitting to the members not only theoretical knowledge, but operational and technical tools that distinguish the clinical model of intervention.
Training modules covered: phobic and obsessive disorders, eating disorders, sexual dysfunctions, problems in the couple and within the family, childhood and adolescent disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, study and learning problems, personality disorders, therapeutic communication techniques and operative diagnosis.
Intensive training language: Italian, Spanish, English, Russian, French and Romanian.

Residential trainings have a duration that can vary from one month up to two years. The participant will have the opportunity to experience the activities of the Strategic Therapy Center on a daily basis by observing the therapies carried out by Giorgio Nardone live. You can freely participate in the lessons of our School of Specialization in Strategic Brief Psychotherapy as well as in the clinical supervision that Giorgio Nardone carries out with official psychotherapists. Those who decide to live this experience will be supported and assisted by the team of the Strategic Therapy Center for all bureaucratic issues, such as finding accommodation, or for foreign students who need the relative residence permits.
Residential training language: Italian.

Certificates: at the end of each training a certificate of completion will be issued, only for the 12-month training with a total of 1.800 hours, it will be possible to issue a certificate of "Master Certificate".

Didactic material provided by the institute:

  • videos of conferences, workshops and seminars on the main psychopathologies;
  • over 20.000 videos of psychological counseling and psychotherapies conducted from the first to the last session;
  • books, manuals and handouts;
  • Psychological assessment tests and tools.
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