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50 ECM credits


The master in Strategic Clinical Psychology, activated over 25 years makes and constantly evolved on the basis of new therapeutic formulations deriving from the incessant clinical and research activity conducted at the Strategic Therapy Center of Arezzo and its offices around the world, has the aim of training professionals who intend to acquire specialized skills relating to the model of clinical intervention based on the brief strategic approach (Brief Strategic Therapy, Giorgio Nardone's Model).

The course is structured on the methodology of learning by doing or learning by doing, with the aim of creating a real full immersion in the study of the process and procedures of Brief Strategic Therapy in the four stages of intervention, favoring a direct experience of learning of intervention protocols specific to the different forms of psychopathology and to the techniques and strategies of clinical intervention that characterize the model. The teaching is focused on the presentation and explanation of videos of clinical cases treated from the first to the last session by Giorgio Nardone, theoretical-applicative lessons, exercises on techniques and training in the use of strategic communication with the patient.

The teaching allows the analytical study of each specific intervention protocol and the development of specific skills related to counseling, psychological support and support and rehabilitation.

The strategies, techniques and intervention strategies built ad hoc for the most important psychopathologies are presented in detail: from anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks, up to eating disorders and life cycle problems, as well as relational problems and difficulties in childhood and adolescence, all clinical areas, these, where the model has proved to be more effective than the best forms of psychotherapy spread all over the world.

The model, validated by the results obtained in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, over thirty years of its application to hundreds of thousands of people on all five continents by hundreds of therapists trained in the approach formulated by Giorgio Nardone, allows learners to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of patients that are addressed to him.

Furthermore, thanks to the internal evolutions of the last 15 years and the development of the strategic dialogue, a refined strategy for conducting the first clinical interview, making it already therapeutic, it is possible to obtain "apparently miraculous" results from the first sessions even with regard to symptoms that have persisted for years and who have not responded with either drug treatment or years of traditional therapy.

Today, intervening quickly on psychopathologies is no longer just an optional of clinical psychology but an unavoidable request on the part of patients who have the right to be freed as soon as possible and in the best possible way from their suffering.

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The master in its entirety is divided into 14 training days, distributed on one Sunday a month, except for the last day to be held in Arezzo together with Prof. Giorgio Nardone, for a total of 112 hours of classroom training.

Topics covered for each single module:

  • The specific intervention protocol for the disorder
  • The structure and procedures of Strategic Problem Solving
  • The 4 phases of the intervention
  • Operational diagnosis
  • The attempted solutions and the mode of persistence
  • Intervention techniques, strategies and stratagems
  • The different types of resistance to change
  • Dialogue and the language of change

Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Doctors and Psychiatrists are admitted to the Master for a maximum number of 20 participants. Memberships will be accepted until all places have been filled and will be considered confirmed only at the time of payment.
Requests for participation in the Master may be received within 10 days prior to the start of the courses.

In order to register, it is necessary to send an application form, accompanied by a curriculum vitae which must be sent by e-mail to to the attention of the Commercial Development Manager.
Only after the admission of the candidate, which will be sent within 7-XNUMX days of receipt, can the validation be carried out by filling in the relevant registration form.

The teachers of the master are part of an international and interdisciplinary team made up of psychotherapists, Italian academics and visiting professors, trained at the Strategic Therapy Center.

At the end of the course, the participant will have to carry out a final test in which to demonstrate acquired skills and abilities.

At the end of the course, participants will receive a regular certificate of participation in the Master in Strategic Clinical Psychology (minimum attendance required: 80% of training activities).

The master issues 50 ECM credits, to obtain them it is mandatory to be present at all 14 lessons. In case of absence it will not be possible to receive them and it will not be possible to request a refund of the amount paid.

2.500,00 euros – Registration without ECM credits
2.800,00 euros – Registration with ECM credits


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