Masters in the world

The masters in the world represent the international extension of specialized training aimed at Psychologists and Doctors to learn the evolved strategic brief therapy model (Brief Strategic Therapy, Giorgio Nardone Model).
For over 20 years it has been possible, through our educational and organizational offices around the world, to undertake specialized courses and masters oriented towards the acquisition of techniques, strategies, therapeutic stratagems and specific treatment protocols for various types of pathologies. That is, rigorous sequences of therapeutic maneuvers with heuristic and predictive power, capable of guiding the therapist, resorting to the use of particular stratagems, to break the specific pathological rigidity of the disorder or problem presented.
The teachers are psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors and university professors trained at the Strategic Therapy Center in Arezzo under the direct supervision of Prof. Giorgio Nardone. In most cases they are native speakers of English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Main teaching locations:


  • United States
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Paraguay
  • Argentina
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