Two-year School in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy

The two-year training school in brief strategic psychotherapy is a specialized training essentially based on the direct observation of clinical case sessions and on the supervision and training of clinical intervention techniques and strategies by Giorgio Nardone. It offers participants the opportunity to learn the evolved model of brief strategic psychotherapy, the result of research and clinical practice of our institute. The latter has allowed the continuous evolution of the model in terms of "construction" of new effective and efficient therapy protocols, as well as the formulation of an advanced form of technique to make the first session and subsequent interviews effectively therapeutic.
The objective of this path is to offer already experienced colleagues a path to increase their own therapeutic efficacy and efficiency through an intensive learning of the operational logics and evolved techniques of change typical of this approach, with a focus on the specific treatment protocols of the main psychopathologies.

The teaching of the School is structured in ways learning by doing that is to learn by doing, aimed at privileging the experiential aspects for a concrete training to the Model in its different techniques and clinical applications. It is divided into interdependent and integrated areas that deepen the process of Brief Strategic Therapy in the four stages of the intervention, focusing on the strategies, tactics and techniques developed to break the rigidity of the basic perceptive-reactive system of the various pathological forms . Learning the strategic approach to therapy is divided into a guided full immersion in specific treatment protocols with the aid of video recordings of clinical cases treated, theoretical lessons alongside exercises and real practice through co-therapy and observation of therapies carried out by Giorgio Nardone. At each lesson, the students are constantly followed by a teacher-tutor who at the end of each session comments on the case in order to highlight the strategies and techniques used, and then leave space for clinical reflection and for in-depth analysis and analysis of the case with Giorgio Nardone. on the treatment carried out.

Didactic material provided by the institute:

  • videos of conferences, workshops and seminars on the main psychopathologies;
  • over 20.000 videos of psychological counseling and psychotherapies conducted from the first to the last session;
  • books, manuals and handouts;
  • Psychological assessment tests and tools.

To be admitted to the school it is necessary to be Psychotherapists, Doctors or Psychiatrists. Admission is subject to passing the selection aimed at verifying the candidate's professional project and its consistency with the objectives of the training school.
To be admitted, an email must be sent to accompanied by a motivational letter and curriculum vitae, for the attention of the Development and Training Manager. Following the receipt of all the required documents and the confirmation of admission, it will be possible to complete the enrollment process by completing the enrollment application (sent by the secretariat) and paying the enrollment fee.

The lessons of the School take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 11.30 to 18.00. The didactic secretariat is able to structure personalized calendars for the student / colleague who requests it, for this reason the start of the training activity can take place in any month of the year. The ideal frequency is 1 day (or 2 consecutive) every 2 weeks to reach 200 hours per year and the total number of hours of 400 hours in the two-year period.

The overall fee is € 3.000 per year.

Information request

Information request
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